May. 12th, 2017

yukitsubute: (Default)
Hello everyone,

another week has past :) How are you doing out there? 

I want to ramble about a few things today ^^

1.) I am in total Eurovision song contest fever right now :D I am really looking forward to the show tomorrow. Do you have a favourite? Mine are Croatia and Austria (of course....) but I also like Bulgaria pretty much. <3 Tell me your favourites if you have some? 

2.) I started watching Aiba's drama, and I really like it, even though it's a little bit strange. *lol* It has a small piece of humour, and normally I don't like japanese humour much, but this one is okay. ^^ And I started watching Kame and Pi's new drama...yeah .... nothing more to say. I started it, and I think I won't finish watching it.

3.) I normally don't get into discussions with fans anymore, because I really try to stay out of every fan bashing and all these stupid fans, and till today it worked out perfectly .... but one comment and everything else is different. The ones who really know me, know how hard I tried to at least like Sakumoto a little bit, because actually it's totally not my pairing, but today all the small liking I could built up in the last months is gone again....I really don't want to repeat my talk from today, because I don't want to get annoyed again, I am just apologizing to everyone where I am reading regulary and who loves writing Sakumoto, because I won't read this pairing at least during the next weeks.
I am really happy around here, but it's hard to like a pairing you actually do not like, and you try your best, and then it's just them starting a nonsense discussion ...

4.) Aside from that I have the result from the poll I made. Again thank you to everyone who participated in it. ^^
We have these winners: Jun, sea/mountains, Sho, grumpy and romance. ^^
It will take some time till I am done with this, but I will do my best. ^^