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Hello all around here,

Because I realised that LJ is really coming to an end ... or at least it feels like that, me and some friends created some communities here to make this place a bigger one for us fans.

So let me invite you to following communities to make a big fandom party together around here: 

- [community profile] aibastic  ( community about Aiba)
- [community profile] juntastic  (a community about Jun) 
- [community profile] kame_fanfictions  (Kame centric fanfics)
- [community profile] kat_tun_maniac  (Fanfics about Kat-tun) 
- [community profile] ryo_exchange 

And I have another question: Is someone of you using line? Me and some friends have an arashians wordlwide Line Group, if someone's interested :D 

Have a nice day,

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Hello everyone,

so everyone seems to move here now? I am not quite sure how to handle DW and LJ in the near future, but for now I will use both places, or maybe I will just link here, or I don't know...

I know I wasn't around much lately, because I have my last exam on Tuesday and I do nothing but learning right now, so I am sorry for all things I missed till now, I will catch up on Wednesday, because I have one week holiday <3.

Just a short note for everyone I don't know by now: I am happpppyyyy to meet new friends, but please leave a comment in my sticky post when you want me to add you back. If we know each other from LJ, but you have a different name now, please also leave a short note for me to know who you are ;)

I hope you are all doing fine, have a nice week,

Yours Yuki
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Hello everyone,

since everyone seems to move from here to DW and AO3, I will do the same, but I will stay here on LJ and crosspost there. Just in case Lj is really going down ;)

So here are my accounts (Feel free to add me ^_^)

DW: yukitsubute // Sky_no_yuki (I am still uploading my journal and community, so it'll take some time till everything is moved ^^)

AO3: yukitsubute

Tell me, are you leaving to other places like DW or AO3 or will you stay here? (Or both?)

You'll find me here till no one else will be around here anymore. ^___^
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Hello my dear friends,

I just wanted to thank whoever nominated me for the arashiawards. That makes me really happy and totally bouncy!!!

A lot of good writers and stories are nominated, and I am overall happy to be a part of it. ❤❤
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Hello my dear friends,

how are you doing?

Holiday tripp )

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Hello my dear friends,

Holiday )
About SMAP )

I'll go to relax some more now, so have a nice day <3 <3
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Hello my dear friends,

how are you doing?

I am in my new job now, finally. :) And till now I totally love it. It's a lot to learn though and it feels a little bit like back on university, because we have lessons and exams. So there is no "normal" work for me right now ;) But nevertheless I enjoy it
Coming home around 4 pm is much better than 8 pm, even though I need to leave home earlier.

What else happened in my life during the last weeks? Not much...*lol*

I try hard working on some creative activities, because I suffer from hard mood swings. I don't know why, but I can be happy in one moment and totally crushed in the next moment. I had some issues with depressions and panic attacks some time ago, and somehow I don't get rid of it now. I don't want to start a therapy again, but being creative always helps me.

It's like hundreds of questions running through my brain till I have the feeling to faint. It's like a bunch of people talking at the same time, everone with a different question, I have no answer to. I can think about a single problem for hours, getting totally into it and make it worse than it actually is. It's hard to describe how this attacks and depressions work on me. It's a little bit like running in circles. Thinking about issues where you can't have an answer for. Like what will happen if this happens when that happens because this happens. Does that make any sense?

So the best thing for me is either talking about what stresses me (which is easier said than done, because I am not a person who's good in talking about feelings and things which are a burden for me - maybe because some problems sound really ridiculous when you speak it out loud and it's hard to understand that tiny things can make someone feel really bad) or doing creative work to distract me from what I am thinking about. I can totally concentrate on something else and switch off the things hunting me.

I want to check if there's a possibility to start with playing theater again, but in my hometown that's almost impossible. And I think I don't have enough people around me, who'd join for it. -.-'

So I try to bring up other creative sides of mine ^^ I don't know if I should start studying again, but I fear that'll be too much for now, because I have several exams for my work to do. :( But maybe I'll check out which studies would be a possibility. ^^

Or maybe I'll make a course to learn to draw ^^ I don't know though if it's something I am good at :D

I am totally into writing mood right now, not only fanfiction, but also a fantasy story I am working on. :) I hope that I'll get the chance to publish it one day (even though I know that this is hardly possible, but never give up a dream right?)

Okay, enough from my moody words now.

I want to write about more positive things now:

Fanficiton stuff and poll )
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Hello everyone,

have you heard about the news? Taguchi is leaving Kat-tun with spring 2016....I really don't know what to say. I really liked the 4-nin group and started getting into their music again after a long time.

I understand Taguchi's decision. It seems he wants to go a different way, and that's totally good for him, but it's sad for the rest of them.

I am curious how it'll go on. Even though they said that they'll go on I think they'll disband. Maybe they'll make a 10th anniversary and goodbye tour in once?

They went through so many troubles, and now again....*sighs* I am really sorry for the rest of the boys. They seemed so shocked....><

I hope the best for them, really <3 And that they are able to go on, no matter if it's as Kat-tun or as solo artist in future. ><

And no matter how decide on their future, I'll support all of them :D

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Hello veryone,

how are you out there? I hope you are okay?

My weekend was really sad and totally shocking till now. I live in Austria, where the amok run was yesterday. I don't know if anyone of you heard of it? I know it was in international media, but I don't know where.
It happened during my lunch break, I was outside, right in that street where he killed three people. Just a few minutes out there and I maybe would have been one of the pedestrians he killed by run over them with his car.
But I was back in the break room and just stared out of the window, shocked. I heard the people screaming and running around. Everyone stood on street and looked around - no one dared to say something. The people outside immediatly started helping. Over 34 people got hurt, most if them bad injured. Three people were killed - one child with only 4 years, a fresh-married man with 28 years and a woman with 26 years. I work in a bookstore, and one customer didn't want to get help from the crisis intervention team. She saw how the 4 year old boy got killed.
Help was immediately there. 68 ambulances and police cars, from regular police to special units. In the end the culprit stopped his car right in front of the police station and walked in to turn himself in.
I can't tell you how shocking that was. Luckily I didn't see any hurt people or dead one, because I wouldn't have stand that. But only the screams and the sirens of ambulance and police was stuck into my head till night.

So everyone is here is deeply crushed right now. Most of the people in Graz and Styria post this banner right now:

(Source: KleineZeitung.at)

My thoughts go to the families who have really a hard time right now, and to the people who are still in live danger.

And again I am really happy that I am okay, and no one I know got involved.

I try to relax with some writing for now, and I will read some stuff maybe. So I just try to have a calm day.

I started my arashi-exchange story, so I am really busy right now *lol* But I want to finish it till I need to write the Kanjani-exchange story. (If they run it....)

So I am sorry for my bad mood-entry, but I really needed to write this down to feel better.

I wish you all a nice weekend, and please take care of you! It can happen so fast, that's what I again had to realise.


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Hello everyone,

it's really hot in my town right now. I am not really into summer. We have 34°C right now. That's far too much for me. At least it's weekend now. ^^
I am looking forward to next week. It should get a little colder next week. :D

I am really looking forward to the Arashi assginments right now, because sign ups are over now. :) I am really looking forward to write Arashi.
Oh, I am in the middle of a JunBa story right now, but I guess it'll be a multi chapter, but actually I never wanted to write a multi again. *sigh* What a problem *lol*

And to get into K8 again I started writing a YokoRyo story. I think I need to get used to write them again. *lol* I saw the assignments for the K8 exchange are open till July. I really hope that there will be more people to join.
I talked a little to the mod, because I had some quesions and she (or he? I don't know) waits for more people to come, because 9 people are hardly enough to start the exchange. :(
Is there anyone from my f-list who'd join the exchange? I really hope the mod doesn't drop it, so I try to help her with some advertisment.

HERE are the sign ups.

So, enough for now, I need some lunch for now, even though it's too hot to eat ;)

Have a nice day
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Hello everyone,

how are you doing? Finally it's getting warm here. It's the first day today I spent outside wit ha good book and a lot of sunshine :D I have my free weekend, so I can relax at the moment. :D

I finished watching smoking gun last week. Have you seen it? I really liked it, though Shingo plays the same character he had in monsters, so I hope he does something different the next time. But I really enjoyed watching Kasuka na kanojo. It's also with him as main character and Anne plays the female part. She really is cool <3 I liked her in yokai ningem bem too. ^^

About fandom I think I am going crazy right now. Have you seen that j-web is open worldwide now? And the entries are in english and the video messages are with subs? Of course you have to pay for it, but not much and it's really funny to read. :D
Especially Aiba, Ryo-chan, Kame and Shingo are really hilarious. :))

Step by step I really start enjoying it here around again. I didn't want to write that much anymore, but I really had to join the arashi-exchange. And what did I see today?????

This here:

[livejournal.com profile] k8_rabu_rabu

Actually I didn't want to write for more than one exchange, but seriously??? I think I have to join the Kanjani exchange. What do you think???? Oh and I saw that crossovers are allowed. Maybe it's time for me to write RyoKame again <3 I know I ask you if I shall join, but I think I already decided :D

For now I go back reading and enjoying the day outside.

Have a nice start into the weekend
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Hello all my friends out there :D

I am still alive, I just had a very busy time. Not that I was workin that much, but I did some other things since February. I decided to get myself a Netflix account....bad idea....Now I watch TV all the time when I am at home *lol*
Some TV series really got me. :) I am watching Person of interest right now. It's really interesting ;) I really recommend that.

Next to watching TV I read a lot right now. Of course because of my job as bookseller, but also because I am really in crime and thriller mode riht now :D

In fandom I watched a lot of Arashi during the last weeks. And I really got into Arashi mood again. So I decided to join the Arashi exchange. I never wanted to koin an exchange again, but something changed my mind. I love Arashi and writing them, so I joined.
Is there anyone else joining? I saw that there are only 3 sign ups till now, and I really fear the mods will drop the exchange when there aren't enough participants.
I really hope that won't happen.

For now it's time for me to go to bed, because I had a long working day.

Have a nice time for now

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Hello out there.

Woah, one and a half year after...
It must have been ages since I was last time online, and I won't be here often. My life got really stressful duing the last year and with my new job everything changed for me :D
After I've left livejournal I really took a long break and found myself on this break again ^^ I really threw away my old life and started anew.
I am not here to come back for writing, I will just sneak around a bit and maybe update my personal journal from time to time. I would be interested how you have been during this year? Are my old friends still on livejournal? It would be nice to hear from you.

Japan I come - And I search for help with concert Tickets
Now I finally realize a long dream and travel to Japan, China and Southkorea in September and I have a big question to you out there:
Does anyone know someone who can help me out with SMAP concert tickets??? I am in Tokyo and Osaka when they are on tour, and I really, really, really want to see them <3 So please, if you can help me, I would be more than happy <3

I hope you all have a great time,
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Hello out there <3

Finally it's snowing here in my home town. I know it's sometimes a bit annoying, but the white landscape is just amazing. The picture down here is taken from my working place. We have a great view over the town from here. <3


This week I am only running around. I have uni lessons almost every day this week, and I need to learn for a bigger exam on Monday. It's getting really busy by now. x_X But only one week and then it's calmer again and uni break starts soon for me. :) I really hope the time till summer goes by quickly, because I don't want to learn anymore and then I will be done with university.

I am really looking forward to expand my apartment in autumn, because it's something I wanted to do since years, but I had no job and no money to pay for it, but now it's different. :D Now I am living on 35qm - which isn't that small, because in the end I am living alone, but now I realize that I have too much stuff for suc ha small apartment. *lol* 
My new apartment will have almost 100qm in the end, so I am really looking forward to it. <3 I know it still needs to get September till I can start with the "my new apartment" plan, but I am already totally chipper about it. :D 

I am still in the middle of writing something fo [livejournal.com profile] rainbowfilling which is almost done, but the story is getting longer than expected. And I write the YokoRyo for the [livejournal.com profile] ryo_short ommunity.
But I find hardly time for writing now, and to be honest, I am often not motivated, because I already spend my half day in front of a computer.

I am totally into watching Medium right now. <3 I had to buy all seasons at once - of course I had...it's me *lol* - and I am currently watching it. ^^ Oh, and I got Smap's gift DVD, which I really need to watch asap, and I have to admit it now, I haven't seen chain till now....>< I know it's a fail...my DVD copy didn't arrive for ages, and when it came I had no time for watching it....but maybe this weekend or next week I will manage it.
Sorry, Kame-chan....x_X

So, enough rambling for now. I have to go, because we are filming our first movie today, and it will be my first job as a camera woman. ;) It's only a uni project, so really nothing big, and all in all more nasty than funny, but it's okay. ^^

Have a nice day

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Hello my dear friends!

I hope you all are okay out there?

It's a little stressful here, because Christmas is close and everyone is running in circles. Since we have a little child in the family Christmas got another meaning again. He's still believing in Santa and that's just wonderful to see how his eyes are sparkling and how he is running around, nervous because maybe he'd going to see Santa.

For me it will be stressful like every year. First of all I go to my father and then I have to help at home to prepare everything for the evening. Even though it's running around the whole day, I love Christmas, because it means the whole family gets together and we have the chance to talk a little and celebrate together. :)

And finally I have a few days off - that's also really nice. Today I will just sleep and relax, because I didn't sleep last night. I already feared to get sick again, because I ate something wrong again....it would have been the second time I'd got a food poisioning. But luckily it's better today. :)

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. Two friends of mine created a new community, and I promised to promote it in my journal. It's a Ryo challenge community where you get prompts to write, or special challenges, and you can also ask for a bingo card, where you get 16 prompts to write.
It's really a nice idea, and I want them to get lot of people for this community. So please check it out here: [livejournal.com profile] ryo_short . It's really worth it. <3
I know on my f-list are more Kame fans, but if you like RyoKame you can also write them. I asked them and they told me that there will only be a few rounds with pairing prompts. Everything else is your choice. <3

So, done with brabbling around.

I wish you all a merry Christmas. Are you celebrating Christmas?

Yours Yuki
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Hello my friends!!

How are you doing?

I am fine by now, I have some days off and even though I am running in circles, I am okay. :D I cleaned and "rearranged" my apartment today, so I have some more space now. ^^ Maybe I will post some pictures later. Are you interested in it?

Have you seen [livejournal.com profile] je_squickfic is posting now. :D I really got a super-great story, so jump there and  read it:

What you want is what I want

And I finally managed it to finish je_holiday exchange, so I am without exchange now. YEAHHHHH!!!!

But I write for something totally great now. [livejournal.com profile] je_drabble_love is a community my dear friend [livejournal.com profile] kinki4ever39 founded. You get a prompt each week and two pairings you can choose for this prompt. You have to write a story with max. 1000 words. <3
I love the idea, and maybe some of you would like it too and maybe you want to join, it would be great. ^^

So my lesson is over soon and I will drive back home to get on my couch asap. <3 I totally need a bed today. *lol*

Have a nice evening,


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Hello everyone!

Here is my proper entry I promised yesterday. I went to sleep right after I came home from university. I was totally spent and I felt like getting sick again.
Today I feel a little bit better, but I have a headache again and I feel like getting a cold. I hope it's just the stress and lack of sleep right now.

Yesterday I was sooooo annoyed, even when I came home in the evening. Work is killing me right now, because I have so much to do, but I am only part time. I have more to do than every 40hour employee. It's really stressful.
And then there is the university....I don't want to go there, but I am in the middle of it, and the study isn't cheap, so I need to finish it. (It's around 3700 Dollar for the whole study....)
It's not that much in comparison to other countries and studies, but for here it's really expensive. And I think the study isn't really useful for what I want to make....so it feels like a big fail for me....

I went home earlier today, because I wanted to relax a bit in the afternoon. I have two days "free" from university, so I could watch some TV in the afternoon. ^^


Btw, have you seen Felix Baumgartner's jump? It was soooo thrilling....I really thought he'd die....

If you haven't seen it, you need to watch it! It was soooo amazing.


Oh, and I watched some fandom-stuff today. I needed to rewatch Aiba's letter to the other members on 24h. :) He is soooooooo incredible sweet. <3

(It's with subs, just the beginning is raw. ^^)

Jun is such a cutie when he cries, and Ohno is just <3.
And I totally love the Sakuraiba moment when they start singing. I had to watch it twice to really believe that it is Sho who hugs Aiba. :D
And after him it's Jun!!! Yeah JunBa. ^^ I can't stop fangirling, even though this was years ago. ^^


I really got a bunch of great stories during the last weeks. I really need to post all the [livejournal.com profile] je_philippines and [livejournal.com profile] help_pilipinas stories - I will do this during the next days or week. ^^

I got some real good stories for exchanges. So if you find time to read, look at

[livejournal.com profile] fazlyn_n's story she wrote for me for the[livejournal.com profile] kame_exchange you can find the first part  HERE
It's a MatsuKame story. I really totally loved it - so if you like Jun and Kame go and read it. :D <3


[livejournal.com profile] you_puzzle_me's story for the [livejournal.com profile] pi_exchange. You can find the first part HERE
I sooo loved that story, so you really have to read it. <3 It's seriously one fo the best PiKame I've ever read. :D



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Hello out there!

How are you doing? Hope you are okay?

I am on unversity now, so I am typing from my phone. I just wanted write something after a longer time of absence.

I am so terribly aggrevated today. I think I can't even put in words how much I hate this f**** day. Everything I wanted to make ended in a big disaster and now I have a headache and I need to go to my lesson in two hours. I am a little bomb today - all time ready to explode......

This day is cut off my life.....arghhhhhhh......I will write a proper entry later when I am at home, where I am able to post pictures and videos. :)

So I am going to drink some coffee with a friend now, because I need someone to tell how horrible this day was. :(

Hugs to you

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Hello everyone!

I already wanted to post a random entry yesterday, but I had a little car accident in the afternoon. I was on my way to visit [livejournal.com profile] lilly0 when something ran across the street (I think it was a deer) and I started pulling on the steering wheel.
I ended up against the tree after driving through a part of the ditch. I had a big luck, really. I was only driving 30km/h, so I wasn't really fast when I "hugged" the tree, otherwise it would have ended worse.

After a first second of just breathing in and out I finally called [livejournal.com profile] lilly0 for help. (Luckily my mobile fell on me, so I had it in my hands in this moment. Somehow I managed it to climb out of the window at the driver seat. I didn't even think of the possiblity that my car could turn and fall on me. I just wanted out of there. All my stuff was somewhere lying around me, but I just tried to get my bag where I have my money pocket with all the emergency numbers and my documents in it.

Lilly's mum also came by to help in first place, but luckily nothing too bad happened, so they just calmed me down a bit. :)

But it was a chaotic afternoon - my dad came immediately. He was jogging in this moment, so he didn't even have a license with him. He just sat in his car and came by with sport's wear and not even a money pocket. I think he was totally in shock when he came by. I called the rest of my family every 10 minutes, because they were all at home, waiting for news.

After an hour the breakdown service arrived. I think he was a little bit overstrained with the situation, because my car was hugging the tree tightly. :) He needed almost an hour to get it out there.

While my father a friend of him managed everything with the car, we drove to the hospital to make a check up. As I said, nothing bad happened. I have some bruises on my arm, my knee is swollen and the seat belt cut a little into my chest. Everything else is just shock.

My dad is now on his way to manage everything with my car, which is totally broken. He was at the police station to clear everything, he called the car workshop and tries to sell the rest of my car.
We now try to find another car, because we all think it's the best to drive as soon as possible again. And I really want to drive again.

I made some pictures from the accident, as my father's friend said: I made an artwork out of my car. :)

I stayed at home today, because every bone hurts me and I hardly slept last night. I think I am still a little bit stressed because of the happening, but I am much calmer than yesterday.

So don't worry about me, I am okay. I just need some time to relax now, to come down from the shock I still have.

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Hello everyone out there!

How are you doing?!

I try to relax today, because I have my exam tomorrow. But somehow I am bouncing around totally nervous.....>< I already took some meds to calm down, but no chance....Maybe I will play a videogame now or watch some dorama.
So please think of me tomorrow and wish me all the best, maybe it helps. :D

And yeah, I finished my [livejournal.com profile] junior_exchange story today. <3

Oh, and please take a look at the [livejournal.com profile] sk_exchange. I made the schedule longer, because there are so many exchanges going on right now. :)

I was searching for some Kame pics, and found these (They are new, arern't they?!)

Can I change place with the teddy, please?! <3 Or is it possible that Kame is my teddy? I would really care about him, and girls are never too old to have a teddy bear, right?!

So, so, so....I will go and do something productive now: snoozing on the couch :D No, maybe I will write a little bit. I still need to finish the [livejournal.com profile] help_pilipinas and [livejournal.com profile] je_philippines requests. :D

I hope you all enjoy your day,