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Hello everyone,

I have an idea in my mind, but I am not really sure if and how I can realize it. I searched for a few old fics yesterday and I found an old LJ community, which is inactive since years, but they got me into this idea: 

I thought of creating an Arashi kink and smut related community, where only NC-17 pieces are allowed, and therefore I thought about making some small writing games and maybe a kind of bingo game, a kink table and so on .... I am not sure if someone is interested in such a community? 
Tell me your opinion about it? Can you think of joining the community and participating in small wriiting games? (I don't think about making an exchange, because there are already enough exchanges out there, I thought more about small games which include writing drabble like things ;)) 

Oh, and I thought to make this community also a fanfiction posting community to make a nice collection of NC-17 fics.

So before I put some effort in it, I wanted to ask what you think about it? And since I have a lot of Arashi writers on my list, I want to ask you :D :D 

Have a nice day <3
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