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Hello everyone,

how are you doing? I have four days off now, so I will just relax and write as much as I can. :D Then I have two working days to go and next Friday I'll be on holiday in Italy. :D 

I have finished writing "Up where we belong" and "My word is my bond" - so I can tell you "up where we belong" will have 18 chapters and "My word is my bond" will have 25 chapters :D

I about to finish "Catch your reflection" now, and I guess I'll have 15 chapters all in all. :D I really have fun writing this multi chapter, I don't know, I got caught in Sho and Nino's magic world and I hope you'll like reading it as much as I love writing it. It sounds strange, but the multi chapter helped me getting over my little Sakumoto annoyance. I am still not very happy about the fans and their opinion, but I decided that they are just stupid ....

When I am done with the Sakumoto multi, I will decide what I write next :D I will write your poll result and I chose a wish meme prompt for a small multi - but I won't tell you which one it is ;)

And because I am really into writing at the moment - I participate in the this year's [community profile] arashi_exchangeI really loved this exchange in the last years, so I am again joining there - maybe you have interest in it? It's really so much fun every year, and the stories were always so good <3

I wish you all a nice evening,
See you soon <3

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