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Hello everyone,

how are you doing out there? I finally have my life back after I finished my last exam at work successfully. :D Now I am fully back here and I hope I am able to finish my multi chapters soon, and I am of course writing the wish-meme things more or less successful *lol* 

I have something in my mind for long now, and I want to try if it works out ... I made a short poll and you can choose one answer per question and I will make something out of it .... let's see if it works out like I imagine it *lol* I don't want to explain much for now, I would just love to see your answers <3 everything else will be answered sooner or later :D So please help me ^^

Since I can't make a poll with a free account, and I still need to think about a paid account ... please leave a comment with your answers, and please only one answer per question ^^

Choose a character: 
a) Aiba
b) Jun
c) Nino
d) Ohno
e) Sho
f) Someone else - please post a name :) 

Choose a setting: 
a) City
b) sea
c) country
d) mountains
e) castle

Choose a character (yes, a second one :)) 
a) Aiba
b) Jun
c) Nino
d) Ohno
e) Sho
f) Someone else - please post a name :)

Choose a feeling: 
a) happy
b) gloomy
c) grumpy
d) bouncy
e) sad

Choose a genre: 
a) romance
b) family
c) mystery
d) crime
e) hurt and comfort

That's it :D I am curious about your answers ^^

See you soon <3
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