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Hello all around here,

Because I realised that LJ is really coming to an end ... or at least it feels like that, me and some friends created some communities here to make this place a bigger one for us fans.

So let me invite you to following communities to make a big fandom party together around here: 

- [community profile] aibastic  ( community about Aiba)
- [community profile] juntastic  (a community about Jun) 
- [community profile] kame_fanfictions  (Kame centric fanfics)
- [community profile] kat_tun_maniac  (Fanfics about Kat-tun) 
- [community profile] ryo_exchange 

And I have another question: Is someone of you using line? Me and some friends have an arashians wordlwide Line Group, if someone's interested :D 

Have a nice day,

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