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Hello everyone,

so everyone seems to move here now? I am not quite sure how to handle DW and LJ in the near future, but for now I will use both places, or maybe I will just link here, or I don't know...

I know I wasn't around much lately, because I have my last exam on Tuesday and I do nothing but learning right now, so I am sorry for all things I missed till now, I will catch up on Wednesday, because I have one week holiday <3.

Just a short note for everyone I don't know by now: I am happpppyyyy to meet new friends, but please leave a comment in my sticky post when you want me to add you back. If we know each other from LJ, but you have a different name now, please also leave a short note for me to know who you are ;)

I hope you are all doing fine, have a nice week,

Yours Yuki
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