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Hello my dear friends,

how are you doing?

I am already in my holiday, even though there are still two days to go at work, but that's not much anymore ;) Then I'll go to Japan for a three weeks holiday (aka I'll eat everything and the whole day long) trip. I think I won't be online often during the holiday trip, so sorry if I need longer for reading things :)
And I think I won't post during this time. I don't know how much time I'll have to be here around LJ.

I am already really looking forward to this trip, because my last holiday was in February, so I am really starving for some relaxing time now :) We'll fly on Saturday till the 19th of November, and it'll be the first time for me not being at home for my birthday ;) It's cool, because I am not much into celebrating it ;) I'll go for a nice dinner with the girls in Fukuoka, so it'll be a great time for me.

So I'll see you in three weeks (or maybe in between :P)

Have a nice evening,

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