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Hello everyone!

Thanks for dropping by. :D
About my fandom


I am mostly into Arashi and my bias is Aiba-chan, but I really like all of the Arashi members. Next to Arashi I really like SMAP and Kat-tun, and just some time ago I fell into A.B.C.-Z and Sexy Zone. I also like TOKIO and Kanjani, but my main fandom changed to Arashi.


My OTPs are



But in Arashi I really like every pairing. But those two are my favorite ones <3

Outside Arashi I really like ShinTaku

and RyoKame

Je-Dorama and other stuff

I like watching concerts, but I also love watching Dorama and some TV-shows, but there I only watch the specials. :D
My favorite Doramas are: Orthros no inu, Last hope, Last friends, 1 litre of tears, Yokai ningen bem, Joker, Quiz show 2 and many more :D

Other fandoms

I am a TV-show junkie, so I am totally into there series:


Person of interest

And there are many others, but these two are my favorites.

Next to TV-shows I am also into videogames like

Tales of series

Last of us

If you have similar interests, feel free to add me every time you want. And you can contact me via PM or comment, I will happily answer you.

Note: My fanfictions concerning JE-fandom are here: [livejournal.com profile] sky_no_yuki
         My fanfictions concerning western fandom (mainly TV shows, videogames) are here: [livejournal.com profile] sweetfusion

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